• Encourages expressiveness and reflection
  • Helps one to achieve communicative goals
  • Instill patience and understanding
  • Assists in opening the mind to other spiritual possibilities
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Throat Chakra

Mineral: Dumortierite
Enhance Communication
Embrace Patience

Vishuuddha is a synergy of blue floral essences, herbs, peels and spiritual woods to assist in awakening self-expression and thought through emotionally balanced communication.  Allowing one’s voice to be heard effectively and passionately, can be achieved through spiritual growth and emotional equilibrium.

The addition of dumortierite helps to reduce excitability and promote feelings of calmness, especially in uncomfortable environments or settings.  The stone can instill patience and allow the individual to recognize the potential in others.

Each crystal infusion product comes with a mineral attached to the bottle.

While holding your mineral, use the Crystal Infusions Blend  and use the mineral in a circular motion around the specific Chakra energy center to connect, meditate and balance your energy. Do not add mineral to bottle. Shake Well Before Use. External Use Only. Avoid Eye Contact.

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