• Encourages growth beyond the limits of the Earthly mind
  • Assists in transcendence to non-material realms
  • Promotes evolution of the spiritual mind
  • Enhances intuition and awakens the higher purpose of self
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Third Eye Chakra

Mineral: Indigo Gabbro
Enhance Harmony
Embrace Inner Strength

Ajna allows us to awaken and see the infinite potential that lies before us.  The third eye helps us to perceive that which is beyond the material world and encourages us to use this inner vision to explore the realms of universal knowledge and wisdom. The aromatic blend of dried citrus peels is combined with deep earthy resins and spices, reminiscent of temple incense.  Use the Ajna essential oil blend to assist in your own spiritual awakening and development. The addition of indigo gabbro helps the user attune to the energies of the universe, opening the channels of intuition and higher reasoning.  It can assist in understanding the deeper-hidden aspects of self and can provide purification of negativity.

Each crystal infusion product comes with a mineral attached to the bottle.

While holding your mineral, use the Crystal Infusions Blend  and use the mineral in a circular motion around the specific Chakra energy center to connect, meditate and balance your energy. Do not add mineral to bottle. Shake Well Before Use. External Use Only. Avoid Eye Contact.

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