Are Your Products Natural?

Basic Earth Essentials creates, tests and markets only nature inspired products.  We do not use any synthetic fragrance in any of our products and use only organic or wild-crafted essential oils.  We do not produce any aromatherapy products that contain parabens, dyes or ingredients of animal origin.

How do I store my essential oils and products?

Essential oils can oxidize, deteriorate and lose their beneficial therapeutic properties over time. Certain oils such as those in the citrus family will oxidize and lose their specific aromatherapy properties in as little as six months, but oils such as frankincense and cedarwood will mature with age. It is important to follow guidelines in order to properly store and handle essential oils. The oils should be stored and purchased in amber or cobalt blue bottles. If using plastic to hold essential oil products, the containers should be PET plastic.

This storage and purchasing method prevents product deterioration, protects the aromatic and therapeutic properties of your essential oils and helps to keep out unwanted light. Purchasing essential oils in clear containers is not advisable and does not protect them from sunlight. All products containing essential oils should also be kept in a cool location free of intense heat and damaging UV rays of the sun.

Can I incorporate Essential Oil Therapy into my pet’s life?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years not only for humans, but for animals as well. The difference in essential oil usage varies greatly between canine, feline and other family pet members. Benefits of Essential Oil Therapy in animals includes reduction in stress and separation anxiety, treatment of agitated “hot” areas of the skin, relieving bites associated with ticks, fleas and mosquitos along with many other practical uses. Essential oils can be used more widely with canine than with feline. When producing blends for feline usage, hydrosols are the primary constituent of the blend. The number of essential oils that can be used for cats is much smaller than those that can be used for dogs. Aromatherapy for animals should not only be effective in a wellness routine, but most importantly, the product should be safe for them as well.

Is it safe to Include Crystals and Minerals in Essential Oil Products?

Some companies that manufacture essential oil products have taken the liberty of incorporating crystals and minerals into their products as a way of infusing their energy or properties. Though this method sounds good in theory, it is best to avoid products that contain them. Infusion of gem energy into a metaphysical product should be done so through Reiki, where the actual natural mineral has not come into contact with the final product. There is a rather long list of natural gemstones that can leech toxins into the product, especially in the presence of essential oils. Mercury, lead, sulfur, barium, arsenic and many other unwanted toxins can be pulled out of minerals and end up in a product that is applied to the skin.

How can I purchase at wholesale pricing?

Basic Earth Essentials offers wholesale pricing for retail establishments who wish to carry our products in their store. We refer to our retail business clients as Wellness Partners; our philosophy is the foundation of Basic Earth Essentials, and feel it is also the cornerstone of our business relationships. We want our products to be available and easily accessible to everyone.