• Promotes healing at the physical and spiritual levels
  • Encourages heart-centered emotional balance
  • Helps awaken spiritual awareness
  • Invokes courage to communicate confidently and passionately


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Heart Chakra

Mineral: Moss Green Agate
Enhance Emotional Relations
Embrace Abundance & Love

Anahata promotes health of the physical and spiritual bodies.  It allows for the balance of love, compassion and unification while releasing selfishness, resentment and discordant emotions.  Rose petals and rosewood comprise the blend offering love-centered support and emotional well-being.  The addition of light citrus peels is accompanied by subtle floral undertones that provide aromatic balance. The addition of green moss agate helps one to see the true beauty that lies within self and others and promotes good health through the elimination of bodily toxins.

Each crystal infusion product comes with a mineral attached to the bottle.

Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. While holding your mineral, mist Crystal Infusions in a circular motion around the specific Chakra to connect to and balance that energy center. Do not add mineral to bottle.

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