Seeds have been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. They are considered energy powerhouses and contain a variety of great nutritional benefits which include dietary fiber, protein, healthy fats and many antioxidants.

When it comes to watermelon, we like to indulge in its sweet inner-flesh. But many do not think about the great health benefits of the seeds that are generally discarded. The seeds can be dried, roasted and eaten, or they can be pressed to extract the oil which can be used both internally and externally.

Watermelon seed oil can be extracted in several ways, but cold-expression and carbon dioxide extraction are the best methods to obtain the seed’s core benefits. The oil can also be removed through solvent extraction though this method is not recommended as a carrier oil for any skin care regimen.  Always opt for non-gmo, organic watermelon seed oil and extracts.

The seeds contain good fats and essential fatty acids which promote cardiovascular health, and provide skin nourishing properties. The naturally occurring chemical components in watermelon seeds are gentle on skin and can be used as a carrier oil for infants and children, without causing dryness or an allergic response.

Watermelon seeds contain amino acids, the building blocks of organic proteins. They also house amino acids that the human body cannot make on its own. Amino acids such as lysine and arginine must be derived from food sources, and contribute to improved blood flow, immune system support, skin repair and prevention from free-radical damage. Watermelon seeds also contain minerals such as folate, iron, magnesium, and B vitamins for overall health. These components lend its great skin care qualities which can be used for all skin types.

Watermelon seed oil contains a powerhouse of antioxidants which contribute greatly to healthy skin cells. The antioxidant component of the oil helps prevent UV and radiation damage, which contributes to accelerated aging and free-radical oxidation at the cellular level. Using watermelon seed oil daily provides the skin with minerals, nutrients and amino acids which can improve skin quality and optimally prevent damage to collagen.

When it comes to hair care, watermelon oil helps to reduce excess amounts of natural sebum build-up on hair and scalp without removing too much which would cause damage.   It removes the glossy look of hair and is great for reducing fizziness in some hair types. Watermelon seed oil can be warmed and massaged into hair as a “hot oil treatment” to promote a smooth look and soft feel.

Store watermelon seed oil as you would essential oils and other carrier oils. Keep your oil in dark colored bottles and out of direct sunlight. Store optimally in a cool environment. Watermelon seed oil has an extensive shelf life and will last for quite some time if stored properly.

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