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A healthy life, personal development and the things which bring us joy are just a few intentions behind the creation of Prosperity. Abundance comes in many personal forms. Prosperity can assist in manifesting a humbling, yet prosperous existence.

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Spicy essential oils, earthy resins and crisp citruses lend an aromatic that is both euphoric and stimulating to the senses.

The essential oils in Prosperity help to provide stability, uplift mood, instill peace and relaxation, as well as elicit feelings of warmth and happiness.

•   Use anytime to promote energetic harmony and balance.
•   Use during prayer or meditation to remove fear and ask for universal assistance.
•   Use Prosperity during yoga to influence the mind and body connection.
•   Use Prosperity in a group setting to balance the energetics of the room.
•   Use to promote positive vibrations and intentions.
•   Aromatic may be used as natural perfumery.
•   Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. Do not spray on animals.
•   Mist liberally as an environmental essence or personal body/linen mist.

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