• Feel supported and emotionally grounded
  • Promotes an understanding of inner-fortitude
  • Encourages personal change and growth
  • Promotes the creative process
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Root Chakra

Mineral: Red Jasper
Enhance Safety & Stability
Embrace Responsibility

Muladhara offers a light earthy aromatic with hints of ginger and valerian root. Spiritually grounding essences encourage inner-fortitude and the desire to follow our purpose through developmental journeys. The addition of red jasper helps promote personal responsibility and offers the user a feeling of security.  The mineral can facilitate a deeper meditative state and assists the user in understanding personal progression.

Each crystal infusion product comes with a mineral attached to the bottle.

Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. While holding your mineral, mist Crystal Infusions in a circular motion around the specific Chakra to connect to and balance that energy center. Do not add mineral to bottle.

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