Mange Care


A 100% natural treatment to help reduce and eliminate demodectic mange (Demodex canis) mites which cause inflammation, constant scratching and hair loss. Use in conjunction with Basic Earth Essentials Mange Treatment 01 oz formula for optimal help and relief.

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01 oz Treatment: Shake Well Before Use. External Use Only. Avoid Eye Contact. Apply up to three drops to the affected area, and massage gently until thoroughly rubbed into skin. Repeat technique for each affected area. Apply drops twice per day, morning and evening, for two consecutive weeks.  Have pet re-evaluated after first treatment by your veterinary care provider before beginning a new treatment regimen.  Do not use on cats.

08 oz Shampoo: Thoroughly wet pet with warm water. Avoiding pet’s eye area, massage shampoo deeply into fur from head to tail until fully lathered.  Allow shampoo to remain on fur for five minutes. Rinse pet well. Safe for frequent use. Safe for use on puppies over two months old.
Not for use on cats.


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