Intention is a truly inspirational blend, which can assist in creating that special bond with you and your higher energy. Use to promote awareness of self, and align your affirmations with positive intentions. The powerful infusion of the minerals turquoise and shattuckite energetically amplify the blend. Intention helps one to manifest positive changes and growth, while calling upon Universal energies to establish a desired intention.

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The exceptional aromatic of Intention is a synergistic art of deep floral tones, a hint of resinous botanicals and light overtones of clementine zest.

Winner in the Aroma Products category for the 18th Annual COVR Visionary Awards.


•   Use anytime to promote energetic harmony and balance.
•   Use as a meditative tool to harmonize self with the flow of energy.
•   Use Intention before reiki or yoga to promote a mind relaxing environment.
•   Use Intention in a group setting to balance the energetics of the room. Use to promote positive vibrations and intentions.
•   Aromatic may be used as natural perfumery.
•   Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. Do not spray on animals.
•   Mist liberally as an environmental essence or personal body/linen mist.

05 mL Blend

•   Use in a personal diffuser, essential oil inhaler or aroma jewelry.
•   Blend can be diluted in carrier oil and used topically.
•   Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. Do not use on animals.
•   Dilute appropriately. May cause UV photosensitivity.

10 mL Roll On

•   Apply pre-diluted blend topically to pulse points and massage gently.

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