Dragon’s Blood


Dragon’s blood has been used for centuries in incense production and as an ancient customary ritual to protect against lower forms of vibrating energy.  Fruit of the Dragon’s Blood tree is added to the blend lending traditional protective spiritual properties.

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Resinous botanicals and dark-aged patchouli offer a deeply spiritual and fulfilling aromatic reminiscent of ancient temple incense.

One of our most popular inspirational blends.

•   Use anytime to invoke ancient protective energetic properties.
•   Can be used during ceremonies or rituals to offer stability
•   Shield against negative energy bombardment
•   Use Dragon’s Blood in a group setting to promote awareness and understanding.
•   Aromatic may be used as natural perfumery.
•   Shake well before use. External use only. Avoid eye contact. Do not spray on animals.
•   Mist liberally as an environmental essence or personal body/linen mist.
•   Apply pre-diluted blend topically to pulse points and massage gently.

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