Before personal care products became widely available in the marketplace, many people used time honored recipes handed down by family and friends. Making homemade personal care products with organic food items is a cost effective and easy solution. The biggest plus to doing it yourself is knowing what ingredients are being used in creating your products. The other positive aspect is that you get to shop for organic raw materials that you want to use, and are great for your skin type.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an excellent addition to personal care products such as facial masks, toners, astringents, shampoos and conditioners. There are exceptional natural ways to make any of these personal care options without having to use any chemical based products. Fruits and vegetables can be mixed with natural butters, plant based oils, raw honey, salts and other earthly treasures to make unique personalized items.

Strawberries and blueberries contain natural anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.  They also provide the added benefit of exfoliation due to their very small seeds. Strawberries contain salicylic acid which helps to smooth skin by removing any dead cells.

The zest and juice of citruses are great in facial toners and cleansers. Citruses can eliminate acne, firm skin and reduce pores. Lemon contains a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid, which assists in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. All skin types can benefit from citruses, but those with dryer skin should use less to prevent additional dryness, chafing and cracking.

Avocados are highly prized in the skin care world for their anti-aging qualities, vitamin and mineral content, and cancer fighting properties. These wonderful gifts from mother nature contain sterolins, which are great for healing skin damaged by excess sun. Avocados are high in moisturizers, which soften skin, provide elasticity and increase skin hydration.

Apricots are a mix of acid and sugar which leave skin feeling soft and looking vibrant. Full of beta-carotene, apricots are a good addition for those with problematic skin types, and can help reduce puffiness, redness and soothe tired skin. The kernel of apricots can be dried and ground into a fine powder, offering an exceptional exfoliating ability.

Fresh organic carrot juice is high in vitamin A and C, and is effective in repairing skin tissue. The juice moisturizes skin and can offer some protection from sun damage.

Cucumber contains rich antioxidants that can assist with reducing puffiness (especially the eye area), fading dark circles, improving skin complexion and tightening open pores. Cucumbers can effectively help to reduce sunburn sting and redness, and work exceptionally well when combined with aloe vera.

When shopping for ingredients, it is important to purchase organically sourced produce for your personal care product needs.  When shopping locally, and at farm markets, be sure to clarify that organically produced is done so without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

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