With the use of diffusers today, they are the most efficient and optimal way to get the most out of your essential oil product.  The diffusion of essential oils can fill a standard size room with the aroma in a short period of time. Unlike essential oil candles, diffusers do a fantastic job of disbursing your favorite product thoroughly throughout the entire area.  Because candles burn the volatile chemicals and terpenoids (aromatic component) in the oils upon contact, essential oil candles are not the most effective way to get your environment charged with the smell you desire.

EnviroCleanse was created as a dual purpose product for use as an energy cleanser in the metaphysical world, and as an everyday odor neutralizing mist.  When EnviroCleanse was first released, it was primarily used as a means to purify Reiki spaces by promoting a flow of positive energy. Not only does the product make a room feel energetically charged, the area smells fresh and environmentally clean.

EnviroCleanse comes in both two and eight ounce mists and are perfect for use around the home, office, throughout vehicles, restrooms and any location that may need both an energetic “lift” or “cleaner” smell. EnviroCleanse can also help to neutralize pet odors around the house. The newest addition to the EnviroCleanse line is a 5 mL bottle of pure undiluted essential oil which is most appropriate for diffusion. Simply add 3-5 drops of EnviroCleanse to a Basic Earth Essentials diffuser, or your own diffuser product, and enjoy the uplifting feel and clean aroma.

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