Carrier oils are most often overlooked when it comes to an Essential Oil Therapy regiment. Many people don’t consciously realize that the carrier oil is as important as the essential oils they hold. Just like essential oils, the right carrier oil should be chosen for a specific application and should be organic in nature. Even carrier oils have therapeutic properties. But the way in which the oil is obtained can drastically reduce its effectiveness on the body.

When shopping for carrier oils, cold pressed is the best. Some oils like hemp seed and rose hip are best suited for essential oil applications that do not go through a high heat process. The chemical constituents in these oils are pretty delicate, and heating them over 120 degrees F can virtually render the oil useless therapeutically.

Refined carrier oils have been treated to remove botanical pieces and some natural impurities. Typically, these oils have been heat processed to almost 450 degrees F which virtually degrades the therapeutic benefits of the carrier oil. Clays and chemicals can be used in the refinement process and can alter the natural aromatic of the carrier oil, or removing it completely. Refined jojoba oil most likely has no ant-inflammatory benefits as the chemical components are destroyed during the refinement process. There are carrier oils, such as castor, that need to be refined in order to remove a natural chemical that can pose toxicity in the body over time. Some oils cannot be cold processed, such as grapeseed, and must undergo some application of heat to extract the oil.

Carrier oils should be stored in the same manner as essential oils. Keep these oils in dark containers, or out of direct light, particularly UV. Store carrier oils between 60-75 degrees F with relative humidity no more than 50%.

Taking proper care of carrier oils is just as important as the essential oils. With carrier oils, finding the right one for you can be an enjoyable experience through education and experimentation.

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